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50 Cent biography (intermediate)

50 Cent biography (intermediate)

50 Cent Biography


In this passage, you will hear the following words:


Solely – alone, no one else


Tumultuous – not stable, something with problems


Garner – to get something


Cashed in – to make money from (i.e. I cashed in when I sold my car.)


Claim – to say something is true (i.e. He claimed he did not steal the money.)


Narcotics – drugs


Wound – damage to the body (i.e. I had many wounds after the car accident.)


To go platinum – when a music album sells 1,000,000 copies


Now, listen to the passage.


50 Cent is one of the most famous musical artists today. He was born Curtis James Jackson in New York City in 1975 and was raised solely by his mother who gave birth to him at the age of 15. When he was 8 years old, Curtis’ mother (who dealt cocaine) was murdered and he was sent to live with his grandparents.


With such a tumultuous childhood, it is hardly surprising that Curtis also began dealing drugs at the age of 12. At this time, cocaine had garnered huge popularity in the United States and Curtis cashed in on this but claims he never used cocaine himself. In 1994, Curtis was arrested for possession of narcotics and served 6 months in jail.


When he was released, Curtis took on the new nickname ’50 Cent’ and began focusing on his rapping abilities. In 1997, he became father to a son whose name he has tattooed on his right shoulder. 50 Cent’s popularity grew from this point until 2000, when he was shot 9 times at close-range outside his grandmother’s house. As a result of this, 50 Cent spent 6 months recovering. When his wounds had completely healed, many of the recording companies he worked with had forgotten him and in 2001 he was forced to go to Canada. It was at this point that 50 Cent’s music was heard by another rap artist named Eminem. Eminem invited 50 Cent to California where they recorded 50 Cent’s famous Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album. This album went platinum many times over.


Today, 50 Cent lives in the US and has just released his third platinum-selling album entitled Curtis. This album sold over 691,000 copies in its’ first week.


Now listen to the passage again.




Now answer these multiple choice questions.


Question 1


50 Cent’s mother was


a) a rapper.


b) a single mother.


c) also very famous.


Question 2


When 50 Cent was 8 years old


a) his mother died.


b) he began rapping.


c) he moved to California


Question 3


In the 1980s, cocaine was


a) popular in only New York.


b) popular throughout the US.


c) not popular anywhere.


Question 4


On 50 Cent’s right shoulder is


a) a birthmark.


b) a tattoo of his son’s name.


c) a wound from the shooting.


Question 5


50 Cent was shot


a) outside his grandmother’s house.


b) in a club.


c) in Canada.


Question 6


After he recovered from the shooting, 50 Cent


a) traveled to California then Canada.


b) traveled to Canada then California.


c) traveled to Canada then New York.


Question 7


In California, 50 Cent recorded an album with Eminem that


a) went gold.


b) went platinum.


c) did not sell very well.


Question 8


50 Cent has


a) 3 platinum-selling albums.


b) 5 platinum-selling albums.


c) 8 platinum-selling albums.


Now, listen to these words:




Cashed in




You will use these words in the following sentences.


You will hear:


I __________ at the casino last night.


You will say:


I cashed in at the Casino last night.


Question 1


The criminal __________ he was innocent.


Question 2


At Harvard, I __________ my medical degree.


Question 3


She worked in real estate for 10 years and __________ a lot of experience.


Question 4


What did he __________ happened?


Question 5


When they sold stock in Google, they __________ tremendously.


Question 6


I don’t know who is telling the truth. Everyone is __________ different stories.


Now let’s try these words:








Question 1


I decided to try skiing again after my __________ healed.


Question 2


I __________ believe Michael Jackson is innocent.


Question 3


2001 was a very __________ year for the internet.


Question 4


Things were __________ for a long time but have settled now.


Question 5


Her __________ weren’t that serious after the hurricane.


Question 6


50 Cent was looked after __________ by his mother.


Question 7


After my dog died, I still had a few emotional __________.